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  • Christmas in Italy

    Christmas in Italy

    by Hannah Donato

    After 12 years of living in Italy, with my husband, Giovanni, I am still trying to understand and get used to the differences between English and Italian Christmas traditions.


  • Madagascar


    by Colin Crow

    Since 2004, I have been visiting churches in Madagascar affiliated to Communautés Evangéliques Indépendantes de Madagascar (CEIM), (Independent Evangelical Churches of Madagascar). In March 2017, while visiting this beautiful island, I learnt that gold is to be found in almost every area of the country. Yet, the sad truth is that Madagascar is socially and economically one of the poorest nations in Africa, and has progressively been sinking into chaos. The presence of corruption, at all levels of society, exists in the face of poverty for the majority, which has resulted in considerable lawlessness and violence.


  • Seizing the Moment

    Seizing the Moment

    There are times when an opportunity presents itself and seizing it can change everything. Inspired choices, Spirit-led decisions and courageous decision-making are the essence of such moments. Interlink and Echoes of Service have, over the past 18 months, been working to seize such a moment. God has provided the two organisations with a unique opportunity to join together to bring a new energy to mission in and from the UK.


  • Echoes International

    Echoes International

    by John Aitken

    Through the decades, as mission workers associated with Interlink and Echoes of Service have served across the globe, new churches have been planted and believers have been established in their faith. Healthcare and educational establishments have impacted local communities, through the care and compassion of Christian doctors, and teachers. Churches in Africa, Asia and Latin America are now the responsibility of indigenous believers, who are carrying the gospel to their own people with energy.


  • Ukraine - A New Sending Nation

    by Russell Woodbridge

    Ukraine, a land filled with radiant sunflowers rising up to the blue sky, is ready to send workers into the harvest fields. The Protestant church is mobilising people to take the gospel to other nations, to reap the harvest that Jesus promised (Luke 10:2).




On Thursday 7th September at 23:50 local time, an 8.1 magnitude Earthquake occurred 54 miles off the south-west coast of Mexico. Buildings have collapsed, schools have closed and 721 aftershocks have followed. It has been the strongest earthquake in Mexico since 1985.


On Tuesday 12th September, protests between police and demonstrators led to the deaths of two people. The protests arose in response to accusations that police have killed and are committing human rights violations against the Oromo people. In response, the government has sent in the military to try and disarm the protestors.


On Monday 11th September, IS attacked a convoy in the North Eastern Sinai Peninsula. 18 fatalities have been reported after a roadside bomb detonated and the terrorists opened fire on survivors. The attack follows a report by the Egyptian government stating that their security forces carried out a raid on two apartments in Cairo, killing 10 suspected terrorists.

South Asia

Since June, the monsoon season in South Asia has caused the most severe floods of recent years. Millions of homes have been destroyed and over 18,000 schools damaged, leaving more than a million children without access to education. In southern Nepal, an estimated 160 people have been killed by the flooding and subsequent landslides.

The Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico

Hurricanes Katia, Jose and Irma have devastated regions of the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico and Florida. Hurricane Irma was a category five hurricane, one of the strongest ever recorded, decreased to category one. It has been estimated to have affected 1.2 million people, created >US$100 billion in damage and caused 135 fatalities.


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Europe continues to be a continent of challenge and contrast. Its social and spiritual needs are complex. Despite today's ease of travel, many of us are still unfamiliar with some areas of Europe.




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