Welcome to Echoes. We are a mission service organisation, based in Bath, UK. We exist to advance the work of mission globally and see individuals and communities impacted by the Gospel.  We do this by partnering with local churches, cross-cultural mission workers, and indigenous people whose ultimate goal is to proclaim God's love in Christ and demonstrate this through loving service by a variety of means in different circumstance across the world.


  • Ukraine - A New Sending Nation

    by Russell Woodbridge

    Ukraine, a land filled with radiant sunflowers rising up to the blue sky, is ready to send workers into the harvest fields. The Protestant church is mobilising people to take the gospel to other nations, to reap the harvest that Jesus promised (Luke 10:2).


  • One Light Kindles Another

    One Light Kindles Another

    by Keith & Senga Lake

    “The bringing of the whole of Africa to Christ was his [David Livingstone’s] incentive to action, his enthusiasm and deeds so kindled the hearts of others that now the light of the gospel shines in many parts of Africa.”1 Truly, one light does kindle another and the once ‘dark continent’ of Africa now shines brightly with lights set on fire for God.


  • Language Teaching in Soria

    Language Teaching in Soria

    by Helen Ortiz

    Allow me to share with you the development of a ministry that has, over the years, become very dear to my heart.


  • Yakutia - A Land of Extremes

    Yakutia - A Land of Extremes

    by Vladimir Burnashev

    Situated in north-eastern Siberia, the Sakha Republic, or Yakutia, is the largest region in Russia. It is as big as India and yet one of the least populated regions. Fewer than 1 million people live there, half of whom are the self-named Sakha or Yakut people - the largest indigenous group in Siberia. Over 40% of the Sakha Republic is beyond the Arctic Circle. The depth of permafrost, which occupies almost the entire territory, reaches 1.5km in some areas.


  • Bhutan - An Exotic Country in Need of The Gospel

    Bhutan - An Exotic Country in Need of The Gospel

    by Dr Johnson C. Philip and Dr Saneesh Cherian

    Bhutan is a small landlocked country to the north-east of India, which has maintained a good political relationship with the UK since the early 20th Century. In 2006, a survey indicated that Bhutan was the happiest country in Asia and eighth happiest in the world. Yet, this country does not grant any kind of freedom to Christians.




A student at an American school in the Mexican city of Monterrey has died after opening fire on classmates before fatally shooting himself on Thursday 19th January. The 15-year-old injured a teacher and three other students before killing himself in the attack.


Dozens of firefighters are feared dead after a landmark 17-storey building in Iran's capital, Tehran, caught fire and collapsed on Thursday 19th January. More than 200 people were also reportedly injured in the incident. Two hundred had battled the blaze for several hours before it fell to the ground in a matter of seconds.


At least 15 children have been killed and 45 others injured after their school bus collided with a truck in Uttar Pradesh in the early hours of Thursday 19th January. The crash happened in Etah, 160 miles from the state's capital, Lucknow.


Up to 30 people are missing after a hotel in central Italy was hit by an avalanche on the 18th January, possibly triggered by an earthquake. Rescuers battled overnight, one person has been pulled dead from the snow, two have been found alive but most are still buried. At least 20 tourists and 7 staff were inside the hotel at the time.


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Europe continues to be a continent of challenge and contrast. Its social and spiritual needs are complex. Despite today's ease of travel, many of us are still unfamiliar with some areas of Europe.




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Echoes mission workers are based in different countries all around the world, committing their lives full time to God, and are involved in a variety of projects to show His love to the communities in which they live. Please visit our Latest News page to follow weekly updates on how you can be praying specifically for these workers.

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