Serving local churches
Echoes is committed to partnership with the local church through esteeming the responsibility elders and church leaders have in sending mission workers.

Consultation and Advice

Advice for Church leaders

When leaders are approached by church members who have a desire to serve overseas either short or long term, they may or may not have the expertise to give the necessary advice regarding overseas mission or be fully aware of all of the issues involved in the process of sending. From the experience of having served overseas or having engaged on a regular basis with those who have, Echoes Directors and Trustees are able to offer support, guidance and advice to local church leaders as they support potential workers in considering missions.

Preparing mission workers

When a person begins to sense God's call to serve overseas it is necessary that this is shared with the local church who have a responsibility to test and confirm the call. In partnership with the local church, Echoes can assist in this process of considering areas for service and the suitability of the candidate. We do this by looking at Biblical and theological understanding, spiritual gifting, health issues, emotional stability, ability to work with others, location of service, finance, and welcome from the field, etc. Echoes also recommend cross-cultural training, and as a minimum participation in the Mission Orientation Programme at Tilsley College, Motherwell which is jointly hosted by GLO and Echoes.

Consultation on mission issues

Often during a period of mission service difficulties can arise for workers. Echoes directors are available to give advice, counsel, and in some cases, visit as part of their support for local churches and workers. In the last 18 months, Echoes directors have held informal sessions with local church leaders to discuss particular issues they have in relation to mission service overseas, either immediate needs or advice for the future. Directors can be contacted any time for this purpose.

Debriefing mission workers

A significant role for the local church is pastoral care of mission workers. One aspect of this care is the debriefing of a worker or a family on their return to their home church after a period of service. Echoes have tools to assist the church in this. Echoes Trustees and Directors also intentionally meet workers for debriefing when they return to UK. This is in the spirit of partnership with the worker and the local church, recognising that the local church has primary responsibility for debriefing. Many workers have appreciated the debriefing exercise and the support it brings. In the past 12 months Echoes personnel have debriefed over 50 workers.


Raising Mission Awareness

Updating on global mission

Echoes is in regular contact with workers based in over 40 countries, Echoes have immediate access to what is happening on the ground in mission. Trustees and Directors regularly make overseas visits and gain valuable expertise in understanding what is happening in global mission. Recent visits have included trips to India, Lebanon, Mongolia, Albania, Zambia, Congo, Thailand, Haiti and France. Directors are available to speak on these countries and other topics in mission.

Reporting on specific projects

Every year Echoes contributes financially to a range of projects in the following fields: medical, education, literature, poverty, the training of indigenous leaders, and refugees. Often visits are made to such projects and reports on these can be made available.

Training your church in mission

We want to add value to what you are already doing in mission and help you raise the profile of global mission in your church. Echoes is able to offer workshops, seminars, events, host a breakfast or share in your church on a variety of topics. For more information, please click here

Visits to churches for mission events

Echoes personnel are regularly invited to churches for mission Sundays or midweek events. More recently we have been using our expertise to help host regional meals with local church leaders to engage on a more personal level that larger events do not lend themselves to.

Echoes mission events including day conference

In any given year a number of overseas workers are normally available to report from their area of service or the work they are involved in. In partnership with Echoes it is possible to arrange a mission event or mission conference in any area of the country. Echoes will jointly fund this with the hosts and use their contacts to encourage people to join the event.

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