Evangelists in North India
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North Africa (500pixels)There are six main states in North India, namely West Bengal, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Bihar and Jharkhand. Some of these are the poorest in the country and in recent years the most opposed to the Gospel and Christian worship. The majority of the population in these states are Hindu, although there are significant numbers of Muslims and many tribal groups who are animists.


During 2010 in Orissa, 300 believers were martyred for their faith by Hindu fanatics. Despite opposition there has been a significant period of gospel growth in recent years with an increase in the number of Hindu converts, a breakthrough in some tribal areas and Muslim people coming to faith in Christ.


In this spiritually harsh mission field, one of the issues faced by many indigenous Indian Christian workers, is support. Some do not have any source of income and find it difficult to make ends meet. Renting accommodation can be difficult, as when Hindu landlords discover their prospective tenants are engaged in evangelism they either refuse to rent or inflate their prices. Approximately 130 workers in the six northern states need regular support and from time to time Echoes tries to assist in this as funds become available.






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