Educating Pakistan's Christian Children
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 In Pakistan Christians tend not to send their children to state schools as they have a strong Islamic curriculum.  Christian schools exist but these are too expensive for Christian families and 60% of the pupils in these Christian schools are Muslim.  


Muslims have the best jobs and highest rates of pay.  Christian children need to be equipped to give them an opportunity to compete.  Key areas where schools are desperately needed are in city slums, villages and brick kilns and for special needs children. New small schools are being started for the education of poor Christian children. Fees are low but some families cannot even afford 100 Rupees (80p) per month.  


The dream of a place of dignity in society is something that few Christians aspire to.  It is beyond what they can realistically expect.  Giving a quality Christian education with dedicated teachers are the ideal training ground to instil values of integrity and truth, and with 10 years of daily Bible-based teaching, it is hoped that this will produce literate Christians who can stand up in society alongside Muslim peers. 


A gift of £2,500 - £3,000 can educate around 300 Christian children for one year.






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