Serving through finance
Echoes have transmitted finances to missionaries for over 100 years. Staff are well trained, efficient and have significant expertise in this task.

Types of Gifts

What types of gift can be given?

Gifts for Individuals. A large proportion of gifts sent through the office are designated by the donors for specific individuals, usually a missionary known to them.  These gifts are passed on in full to that person's account and sent to them during the third week of every month. No deduction whatsoever is made by Echoes for  administration unless instructed by the donor.

Unallocated Gifts

These gifts are received by Echoes for Trustees to use at their discretion. These gifts are invaluable and enable  trustees to make additional allocation of funds to missionaries on the Daily Prayer Guide or to specific  project needs at any given time. Through these gifts we  are able to respond to situations and individual needs  that may not be widely known and many of our  missionaries testify that they could not survive financially  without the allocation which make from the Unallocated  Gifts received from Individuals, Churches and Legacies.   In the last year we were able to distribute £2.3M from this source. Unallocated Gifts can be made regularly, by Standing Order, or occasionally by any of the methods set out below. Gifts sent in this way are also passed on in their entirety with no deductions. 

Disaster Fund

As Trustees we seek to have an ongoing balance of funds available for disaster relief so that when emergencies arise or when there is a global crisis situation we can respond immediately. In the past few years we have responded by forwarding funds at the time of Cyclone Nagris, Burma, the earthquake in Sichuan, China and the flooding in India.

Gifts for specific work

We also operate a number of special funds and are always glad to receive gifts in this way. These can be for Disaster and Relief, Medical work, Literature, printing of Bibles, those in poverty, theological education and national workers.

Acknowledgement and notification

Each gift received will be acknowledged by the office. Beneficiaries are notified each month (by e-mail if possible) and given the name, address and e-mail of the donor, so they can acknowledge the gifts directly.


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Points to consider

No administration costs added

Many gifts sent through Echoes are designated by donors to specific individuals and projects. Their gifts are passed on in their entirety each month. No deduction is made by Echoes for administration or office expenses unless instructed to do so by the donor. The cost of running Echoes administration is only 6.9% and is funded from investments and other sources, not from gifts received.

Gift Aid

If you are a personal donor who pays UK income tax, then please consider using Gift Aid. The refund of tax from the government adds 25% to the value of your gift. All that is required on your part is a simple declaration which can be obtained from the office.

When a gift is received and the tax payer has authorised Echoes to collect gift aid, Echoes will immediately apply the gift aid when sending the gift to the individual or the project. For example, if you give £100 Echoes will immediately send £125 and will later claim the gift aid back. 

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Personal or church cheques

We strongly advise against sending sterling cheques direct to mission workers serving abroad. The conversion of these in local banking systems often involves substantial charges and considerable delay, along with cheques going missing in the local postal system. We are happy to undertake the transmission of any funds on your behalf.


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