PrayerPrayer is what we do 

Prayer is in the DNA of Echoes. From its inception Echoes has published news and information to enable the church to pray effectively for those serving overseas. Someone has said, "Prayer is the work, service is reaping the harvest."


For Echoes, prayer is more than reciting a list of requests, it is active involvement and effective participation with those on the frontline of Gospel work. Through prayer, what is done here can have a significant mission impact on people and projects overseas. 

You can be part of the Echoes prayer team by subscribing to one or both of the options below. In a recent survey of those who subscribe to the Echoes magazine, 70% said that they used the publication for prayer on a daily basis. Currently there are 5,000 Echoes magazine subscribers. 



HandsBiblePublications to help you do it 

The Echoes Daily Prayer Guide lists the names and locations of workers, some facts and figures on the countries in which they work, and the particular ministries in which they are involved. As a companion to the Daily Prayer guide, the Echoes magazine provides monthly prayer information from these workers and profiles with personal information on the workers so that you can be more informed of their background and ministry. 


Echoes Prayer News is an email service providing weekly prayer information from workers for local churches and individuals. In addition, should there be a significant world crisis or disaster extra bulletins are issued for prayer. 




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