Syria Unrest

In March the following letter was received by a couple closely linked with Echoes, working in Jordan.
Their account of the unrest in Syria is informative and saddening.   



Dear Brothers and Sisters,


SyrianimageforpageOn Thursday, government troops, armed by Russia, China, and Iran, attacked Deraa. The bombardment began at dawn and continued throughout the day. Many Syrian parents risk their lives to break through the closed border to leave their children here in Jordan and return home to fight.


Many of you have asked me what you can do to help the victims of the bloody revolution in Syria, especially Christian brothers and sisters. Syria, along with Egypt and Iraq, are home to the largest and most ancient Christian communities in the world.


The UN announced last week that more than 7,500 men, women, and children have been killed since the Syrian regime began shooting its own people last March. I believe the death toll is even higher and if no one stops it, the number will increase to tens of thousands.


Overwhelmed with disasters and death tolls from around the world we shut them out. You and I may not be able to save a nation. But we can save a life or a family.


Among Syria's 20 million people, one in ten is a Christian who at the moment is paying the highest price for their faith in a hostile Islamic culture. Many believers are among the 7,500 dead. They have left behind husbands and wives, mothers and fathers and children who have been forced to flee Homs, leaving everything behind, seeking refuge near the Lebanese border. Others have fled from one village to other or to predominantly Christian Damascus to find safety. However, in Damascus housing is expensive and hard to find, so they live in hovels, burning their shoes and doors for warmth. Children are dying of cold and starvation and lack of medical care.


Jordan already has welcomed countless Syrian refugees. Another 100,000 are expected to flood across the border in the next months. We need your help to house them and provide them with food, medicine, blankets, heaters, and fuel. Please help us to help them. A gift of £45 will take care of a family of 4-7 for a week. Or maybe you can send a special gift of £450 to care for 10 families


Isam and Nihad



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