Latest News - 20 March 2017

Phil and Hilda Cracknell
would value prayer, as a maintenance man is needed for Amano Christian School. They need a suitably qualified and skilled mechanical workshop manager to oversee the maintenance work on the vehicles. In addition, please pray for their next major building project, a new two-classroom science laboratory block, which is planned for next term.
Debbie Scott
would value prayer, as they urgently require someone to cover a missionary furlough in July 2017 at Amano Christian School, Chingola. They need a Physics and Maths teacher (to IGCSE level) to cover staff absence from 4 July to 4 August 2017. This is currently a part time position (three days per week). Please email Debbie Scott at  for further details.   
David and Maureen Wood
would appreciate prayer for the staff and students at Grace International School, as the arrival of the hot season along with the smog has caused a range of respiratory problems including bronchitis and pneumonia. Pray for the staffing needs of the school for 2017-2018, that positions would be filled quickly so that the necessary visas can be secured in time.
Geoff and Pat Atkinson (Senior workers)
would appreciate prayer for the fourth-year students at Chrestos Mission Bible School, who will graduate with diplomas on 19 March. Nine young men and six young women will graduate. Since 2008, there have been a total of 152 student graduates - over 80% of these graduates have worked or are currently working in ministry. Chrestos Mission's number one aim is to provide ministry workers to villages where Christian support is scarce.       
Andrew and Gillian Shanks
would value prayer for a baptism on 26 March. Paul, who is 44 years old, was saved recently and has asked to be baptised. He is the only believer in his family but his parents, brother and his wife and children have all agreed to come to the baptism. This will be the first time they have heard the gospel or seen baptism by immersion. 


Please join with us in praying for these matters. 
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