Latest News - 14 August 2017

Jonathan and Jingle Bradford
have recently finished a number of different outreaches in Manila. One was a series on Apologetics, which they used as an outreach. Each night took around three hours with two 50-minute sessions and an open Q&A, where Jonathan took live questions from the audience. It was attended by around 900 people each night and the feedback was excellent. Pray that the people who attended will take what they learned and share it with their friends, family and colleagues.


Mario and Helen Ponce -
This week there is a big pagan celebration. It lasts three days and people walk all night for 18km carrying stones to the church where the statue of Mary is. They believe she can give them houses and cars etc. On Friday night, the church will take the opportunity to share the gospel at the door of their church as people pass. The youth will prepare drinks and snacks so that the people will stop and listen. Please pray for that outreach.

David and Brigitte Sutherland -
David will be a speaker at camp taking place from 12-26 August. Both David and Brigitte will be counsellors. Pray for wisdom, love and patience, and for open hearts.
Ian and Françoise Newberry -
This summer Ian will have given the Bible teaching at three family camps, reaching over 350 people. The first camp was for seniors in the southwest of France on 'Encouragement'. The second is at L'Eau Vive Provence and the third camp starts on the 12 of August in the southwest of France, where there will be over 220 participants - the theme there is 'How to cultivate the fruit of the Spirit'. These camps are opportunities to encourage Christians and reach non-Christians. For the camp at L'Eau Vive, Françoise put together a special programme for children aged 4 - 11. Pray that God will give them strength and that the Bible teaching will produce good fruit.
Alan and Valerie Kyle -
Alan is currently preparing for a 'mini Bible School' event on 26-27 August. They will be covering the Reformation, the Holy Spirit and the last times. Pray that this weekend will be life changing for those who attend.

Alec and Patrizia Catchpole
have the responsibility for pastoral counselling at a youth camp, with over 100 young people in Sicily. Alec will also be giving daily meditations to the helpers and campers. Pray for hearts to be open and for all who attend to draw closer to the Lord.

Please join with us in praying for these matters. 
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