Latest News - 18 September 2017

David and Maureen Wood
have requested prayer for all staff at the school as they are being asked to prepare for the ACSI accreditation visit in the early spring of 2018. This is similar to a government inspection in UK schools but it is for Christian schools. It is the beginning of a long haul to ensure all the documentation is correct and boxes ticked. This will be on top of a normal day's teaching, so please pray.
Jeff and Denise Watson -
Give thanks for the conference which was a blessing for those who attended, with Andrew Renshaw bringing messages of encouragement. Pray that those who attended will grow and have a greater desire to serve the Lord. Pray for those who came on the Saturday evening who do not know the Lord's salvation.   

Eglon and Judith Harris (Senior workers) -
Give thanks that the damage from the earthquake and hurricane Katia has been minimal in the area where they live. The roof of the Hall has a few cracks which can be repaired and the El Sembrador premises had a few cracks on two walls, but nothing serious, and there was no damage to their home.
Peter and Anne Grover -
Pray for Peter and Anne as they adjust to life in the UK and for Peter as he prepares for a month's visit to Peru from 27 Sep-28 Oct. He plans to be preaching and teaching at two churches in Lima as well as at retreats at Chiclayo and Cajamarca.
Gerry and Dorothy Seed -
Students from overseas and from other parts of France are arriving in Nantes.  The past two Sundays they have had several students attend the services. Pray that the students will find a spiritual home in Nantes, and that this will be a time of blessing.  Remember also the specific ministry of "A Heart for the World" among overseas students. An American couple in their assembly are heading up this ministry, which is held close to the university on Friday evenings.  
Andrew and Gillian Shanks -  
Andy will be at the National Ploughing Championships in Co. Offaly from 19-21 Sep. They have 25,000 pre-packed 'John 3' bags in addition to other gospel materials. Pray that the Lord will help them as they seek to reach people with the gospel, for safety in travel and for good conversations. On 22 Sep a new gospel work will be starting in Newcastle West called the Street Life Food Bank. They hope to help with people's physical needs, but ultimately address their spiritual needs through this.
Pray for all those affected by the recent hurricanes in the Caribbean, with further storms on the way, and the earthquake in Mexico. Also remember the flooding in Bangladesh and India; for all involved in the relief operations, those who have lost homes and livelihoods, and those who are injured and hove lost loved ones. Echoes of Service are currently seeking opportunities to assist in helping the relief effort and will advise in due course.  

Please join with us in praying for these matters. 
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