Latest News - 5 June 2017

David Croudace
(Senior worker) will be leaving Zambezi on 29 June for Malawi for a four-day teaching conference in Blantyre. They usually have people from over 45 assemblies attend. Pray for safety of travel, for the teaching that is given to be a blessing and for the elders who are responsible for arranging hospitality.
Simon and Sarah Devaraj
have had a good year at Gnana Deepam. They started their first year of 'Plus 2' (A-Levels) and enrolled 17 students. They will be adding three new classes and nine new teachers for the start of the new school year on 7 June. Pray as Simon and Sarah seek to live out a life of faith among the staff and students. 
Fabrizio and Elaine Toni -
Fabrizio introduced a new course to eighth graders which focuses on wholehearted discipleship to Jesus, spiritual disciplines and transformation of character. Some pupils really enjoyed this course and commented on how it has changed their daily walk with the Lord. Pray that more young people will step out of mere knowledge about God and into knowing Him in a more personal, life-depending way.
Graham and Alison Black
would appreciate prayer for their annual church weekend, 23-25 June. This is always a good opportunity for closer fellowship and discussion. This year there will be a lot of discussion on how to move forward, following the church growth programme they have adopted. Different work groups will be set up to promote growth in various areas of church life. 
Allan and Anne Kitt -
Pray for a big evangelistic event planned in the nearby football stadium in July. So far, 1,000 young Christians from all over France have enrolled for several days of Bible teaching, prayer and training in evangelism, with more expected to enrol. Please pray for this event with security being an important issue.
Andy and Ruth Hamilton -
There is a need for a couple to come and live at IBEI long-term in a pastoral capacity, as well as to coordinate some of housekeeping and cooking tasks. Pray that the right people would be found for this essential role.
Colin and Rosemary Sheldon -
Recently, the assembly received 1,000 '4you' gospel magazines which will be distributed in the local area. Pray that some of those who receive the magazine, will cross the threshold of the assembly.
Phil and Jacky Kennedy -
Phil Kennedy and Alan Park, Brass Tacks, will be travelling to Moshi, Tanzania on Wednesday 7 June for three weeks to carry out some much needed work on the children's centre. Pray for safety and for good progress with the work.



Please join with us in praying for these matters. 
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