Latest News - 20 November 2017


Ruth Cushing - Ruth has asked us to pray for two women, who are having problems getting documentation to allow them to stay in the country. Pray that they will get these soon, and that Ruth is able to keep sharing the gospel with them.



Mike and Alison Packer - Pray for Mike as he visits the prison in his role as chaplain. He is able to speak to the men in their cells and share God's Word with them when he can. He holds a monthly service and, although attendances are small, those who come ask questions and have an opportunity to pray with Mike.


Colin and Maureen Crow - Pray for Colin and Maureen, as they are involved in organising two festive meals for the needy in Montpellier on 16 December. About 300 people are expected for lunch and again in the evening. It is an inter-church effort in collaboration with social services and the mayor's office. Pray for a good number of volunteers to serve and also to speak to the guests, and that their hearts may be touched by God's love manifested in the Lord Jesus.


Alec and Patrizia Catchpole - Give thanks that Patrizia has recovered well, after being admitted to hospital recently to undergo tests and receive treatment. Pray that her health would continue to improve in the coming days.



Ken and Alison Barrett - Ken would appreciate prayer as he speaks at a conference this coming weekend. On Sunday he will be speaking at the church in Guadalix de la Sierra, to the north of the capital.



Keith and Senga Lake - Pray for Keith and Senga as they travel to Africa. They hope to give Bible teaching in Kigali, Rwanda. Following that, they will spend a few days in Burundi visiting their son Stewart, who was recently engaged to Lypisse.



Patrizio and Jennifer Zucchetto - Pray for a project that Patrizio and Jennifer are involved in, "A John's Gospel for every home in every village with no evangelical church". To date, they have reached 34 towns and villages. They also recently had a GLO team where they reached two new locations, Santa Paolina and Chiusano San Domenico. Pray for contacts after a large distribution of Gospels and tracts.


Geoff and Janet Ruston - Geoff is making good progress following his recent heart surgery. Pray that this would continue and for Janet as she supports him.


Pray for Echoes Directors, John Aitken, Jim Armstrong and Rupert Abbott, as they travel to Germany this week to better understand how the church in continental Europe has responded to the migrant crisis and what lessons we in the UK can learn from this.



Please join with us in praying for these matters. 
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