Latest News - 11 December 2017




Janey and Evans Mukomba - Janey is writing messages for a 5-minute teaching slot in the children's programme, Tommy Time. She must write 13 messages and it takes a lot of work to come up with creative messages. On 31 December, they have been invited to minister to the children in the Cancer hospital.






Clive and Hazel Walker - Last week Clive and Hazel received the plans for the new building and started the application process with various government departments including, health, fire, environment, etc. They are waiting on news from the shipping company to advise if the calendars, tracts and books they are expecting have arrived. They were sent on 4 November.






Ruth Cushing - The events at the women's centre are happening as planned, so the next Al-Massira (The Journey) meeting will be held on Tuesday. The children's party will be on Thursday and the Christmas presentation on 19December. Ruth would appreciate prayer for these events.






Graham and Alison Black - Pray for Graham as he will see the oncologist on 14 December for his six-monthly check-up. Give thanks that he is doing well health-wise and has very few side effects from his current treatment.




Ronnie and Heather Skene (Retired workers) - Pray for the church in Figeac that they would be able to find bigger premises to rent for their meetings. On Sunday mornings, the legal limit is often exceeded as the church grows. Finding suitable and affordable premises is proving very difficult. A local bus company with a vacant office close to the church building has been approached to rent this for the Sunday school.




David and Brigitte Sutherland - David and Brigitte would appreciate prayer for their church Christmas programme. They plan to invite people to a special event on Sunday when they will have an outreach meeting in the morning for families. This will be followed by a church lunch. In the afternoon, there will be a workshop for people to make Christmas decorations.





Michael and Shirley McKillen - During December, Michael and Shirley will be reaching out to the town and wider community with gospel calendars and with invitations to a new Bible study scheduled for January 2018. Please pray that the Lord would stir up hearts to respond to His Word.







Jonathan and Ruth Kelso - Jonathan and Ruth have given out more than 1,000 Christmas shoeboxes (mostly to gypsy children), in five localities. This is a great opportunity to share the good news to hundreds of children and adults. Immediately after the gospel message, the children receive their gifts. Pray that this Christmas the True Light will shine into many of these homes.






Erion and Victoria Pici - Erion and Victoria are preparing for their Welsh Christmas and looking forward to taking part in a number of events organised by their church in Dinas Powys. Pray for God's direction as they settle into this new chapter of their lives in Wales.



Please join with us in praying for these matters. 
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