GLO Alive

by David Lukama and Harry Chinkumbi Jnr 




GLO Alive Zambia is the youth department of the GLO College of Ministries, Zambia. Our passion is young people. This passion comes from a strong and genuine desire to be a relevant signpost for children and young people, to demonstrate God's love and compassion in a country whose population is 13 million, 75% of whom are young people.


Slide1We exist to empower children and young people to fulfil their God-given potential, by helping each one of them to have the vision to see, a faith to believe and the courage to achieve what God intends for their lives. We believe that God has called us to join Him in His mission to call young people to Himself.




Gap-year course

The gap-year course is a new GLO Alive ministry for high-school leavers. It is a work that aims to: 'Facilitate the transformation and conformation of young people's lives to that of the image of Christ.'


Our desire is to see young people grow from childhood to adulthood through a biblical and practical course in the Christian faith; to encourage them to take full responsibility for their decisions and actions, and to accept the consequences of their decisions on their lives and in their community.


Alive camps

December youth camps are one of the biggest annual events at GLO. They aim to help young people to reflect on their Christian lives, connect with God and understand themselves and their community.


We organise camps because, often, church here is largely aimed at the adult membership. This is a grave omission which has left the younger generation seeking help, counsel, encouragement and guidance from sources other than the church. Our aim, therefore, is to help meet this need and, by God's grace, to contribute to the transformation of these young people's lives.



In Zambia every young person is required to have a minimum academic education, and significant demands are placed on them. This is because the country's economic set-up emphasises and favours academia as a means to a better livelihood. For this reason, our tuition is aimed at helping less privileged young people who attend public school and are unable to reach the kind of levels demanded by the Zambian educational curriculum.


Our approach towards learning is student-centred. This contrasts to learning by rote, which is common in many Zambian schools. Our policy is to work with small numbers of students in order to maximise learning. Our vision is to make a lasting difference in an individual's life.


Gardening, carpentry and tailoring

An unfortunate reality in our community is that many young people have dropped out of school for various reasons, eg, pregnancy, financial issues, other life circumstances. In such a young person's life, this marks the end of their education. Our vision is to help those who are prevented from attending school to acquire a life skill to help them survive. Given the job market in Zambia, we have learnt that vocational training is the most practical way to help individuals in such situations, hence the introduction of carpentry and gardening to our curriculum.


Our tailoring programme is specifically for teenage mums who cannot afford to go to school due to family commitments and financial difficulties. This programme enables them to acquire a skill they can use to provide for their families.



We have learnt that simply running good programmes has little or no impact on young people. So GLO Alive emphasises relationships and mentoring, and has developed sports teams from within the community, with the simple aim of building relationships. To be effective, most of our programmes must be based on relationships.


The most important resource in ministry is people. We learn this from Jesus Christ and His ministry. He had no hidden agenda, but was a friend.


Interaction between GLO Alive and the community has yielded positive and encouraging results. We have come to realise that for many young people learning takes place through these character-building practical experiences and peer-mentoring, rather than in the classroom or in a formal setting.


Many of our young people have moved themselves towards godliness and integrity in life through such an environment. However, this has not developed overnight. Through enabling young people and helping them to understand that with us they do not have to pretend, it is okay not to be okay, they have grown.



Pray for us - the team, the students and the community - as we work with God's help to achieve our vision


Come - we invite those who feel they can contribute positively to the work, to come. We believe everyone has something to offer the ministry of GLO Alive


Share - spread the word! Share the vision! Ask others to do the same as you pray for this ministry



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