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Mission Basics

How does God's call operate? What is the role of the local church in sending workers? To whom are mission workers accountable and what is involved in crossing cultures? These are some examples of the important questions answered in this useful set of articles.


A Christian's Pocket Guide to the Chinese

There are currently more than 150,000 Chinese living in the UK, with a further 50,000 new visas issued each year. As China emerges economically on the world stage, increasing numbers of Chinese are travelling overseas...


Operation World

If you want to have a powerful and meaningful prayer life, if you want to impact the nations for Christ through prayer - Operation World is for you. Join millions of praying people around the world using this book to inform, inspire and ignite their prayers.


A Muslim's Pocket Guide to Christianity

Relations between Muslims and Christians have been tested in recent years, with misunderstandings on both sides. To improve relations there needs to be a clearer picture of what each actually believes.


Understanding Islam

It is hoped that these articles, first published in 1993 (including Stuart Sears' Notes on Islam from 1998) and now revised, will challenge every Christian to pray and work for the spread of the Gospel among Muslims


Blessings Minibus and the Jealous Passengers

Blessings was a minibus who took people up and down the Zomba Road from Limbe to Zomba Town. This series of books is designed to help children of contemporary Africa to understand the parables of Jesus and their message.


Father of Faith Missions

Modest and unobtrusive, Anthony Norris Groves did not consider himself a gifted evangelist. His name is not usually mentioned alongside William Carey and Hudson Taylor, but Groves had pioneering influence that went beyond his personal reach.


Reaching 4 Europes

The Europe of today is one of the most spiritually challenging places on earth. It is a continent with a rich religions past, but a present characterised by secularism, pluralism and the decline of Christianity.


Led by His Hand

This is a remarkable, even miraculous story of the Lord's leading in the life of Malcolm Coombes. His life clearly has been led by the Holy Spirit both in this Ministry and marriage.


Safe in His Hand

This is a wonderful narrative of spiritual awakening, Christian devotion and the faithfulness of God. This story deserves to be told as a powerful testimony to the greatness of God and to the accomplishments He can achieve through the lives which are dedicated to His glory.


Love letters to the world

Twelve year old Wendy found it hard to believe. Her Sunday School teacher was talking about Jesus, the Son of God, dying on the cross. And the once phrase she seemed to keep repeating was 'because He loved us.'


The Journey of Life

The Christian life is like a long journey. Like all journeys it has a beginning and an end. But also just like every journey there are people that we meet on the way and things that happen - both encouraging and disappointing, joyful and sad, exciting and frightening.


Witnessing in a multi-faith society

Multiculturalism is here to stay, so here is a concise and practical guide to help Christians share their faith in Christ with peoples of different religions and cultures. Originally published in Echoes magazine, now brought together in this useful format.


This Holy Seed

One of the great centres of evangelical Christianity in the age after the apostles, NORTH AFRICA has become "the land of the vanished church". Four hundred years of dramatic Christian growth gave way to slow decay and death.