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Father of Faith Missions

Some mission workers become famous household names, such as William Carey or Hudson Taylor, revered and respected by all. There are others who may be less well known, but they have had a profound influence on many generations through their lives and example. One of these is A N Groves, an Exeter Dentist and the brother-in-law of George Muller, who has been described as the “Father of Faith Missions”. He chose to give away his entire and considerable fortune before setting out to serve God, first in Baghdad and then subsequently in India. His mission work did not meet with much success, but his influence and thinking is still felt in our times. This wonderful examination of his life and influence by Rob Dann, will challenge our faith and confidence in the God who provides even when we live in a risk-averse generation. Thoroughly recommended!



Turkey stands as a bridge between Europe and Asia. Of its 72 million people, there are only 3,000 Christians who have come to faith from a Muslim background. Some provinces have no known believers. Christianity is misrepresented in the media and believers often face persecution. In 2007 three Christian men in Malatya were murdered for their faith. This DVD calls us to pray for Turkey and its people who are immersed in an Islamic culture and the Sunni Muslim culture, where Christianity is regarded as a western import. Pray for your brothers and sisters who daily face opposition and hardship.