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The Echoes International monthly magazine provides prayer information from around the world. It informs of what God is doing in mission, provides reports from mission workers and the are four articles feature key mission issues and issues faced by Christians in other countries. A companion to the monthly mission magazine is the annual Daily Prayer Guide (DPG), which lists all of the workers associated with Interlink and Echoes.

As a gesture of appreciation to supporters and to encourage new readers living in the UK, the Trustees of Echoes International have agreed to waive the annual subscription fee for 2018 (the cost of the Echoes International magazine and Daily Prayer Guide would have been £33.00).

If you are resident in the UK and wish to receive the magazine monthly in hard copy or digitally, email the address below and advise as follows:


  • Your name, address, telephone number and email address
  • Whether this subscription is for a church or an individual. If a church how many copies are required
  • Hard copy or digital copy?


For more information or to place your orders, please contact the General Administrator on

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